Reinventing the Industry

Discover the team and our mission at LEYVA International Realty.

LIR is a progressive entity with an eye for the future of real estate, combining technology with the industry’s most committed agents to make the search and sell experience effortless.

Agents Beyond Compare

Our committed team of agents make clients their sole focus. LEYVA International Realty is transforming the standard of real estate.

Cutting-edge technology

The key to reinventing the future of the real estate industry is utilizing the latest technology to enhance communication, ease of access, and the business strategy. LIR’s exclusive platform is transforming the process of buying or selling a home for our clients.

Leyva International Realty is a innovated real estate brokerage firm offering quality services throughout Florida. Through an expanding team of top agents, advanced technology, and a dedication to seamless success in any endeavor, we make it our mission to provide the lifestyle you want. From the buying or selling of a luxury home to commercial real estate, we here at LIR are in the business of making sure our clients get what they want. Forging an interpersonal relationship with clients helps us to deliver a personalized, committed experience that not only ends successfully, but continues to develop into long-lasting connections. Our ability to create these relationships has allowed us to establish a plentiful amount of international contacts.

In striving to become a world leader in the real estate industry, LIR emphasizes the importance of innovation and technology. We are an ever-growing company readily evolving around the latest trends and modernizations so that we may never grow out of style, but rather progress with new generations. With one of the best training and marketing teams in the world, LIR truly is the future of real estate, and we want to make sure everyone is a part of it.

While LIR specializes in luxury real estate, we also serve all price ranges. A local LIR representative can be found within each South Florida neighborhood, some not only born and raised in these neighborhoods, but currently living there as well. Click on our neighborhoods link and check out what we have to offer per neighborhood.

Contact us by phone at 305.450.8508, by email at, or click on our “Agents” page to check out our agents and get linked up with one right away to begin the process. We’re just one phone call or email away!

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